A brokerage specialized in the community it has invested in.


Our goal is to preserve and enhance the exceptionally rare environment that makes our Portage Point community one of the most sought-after stretches of real estate along the Lake Michigan coastline. Portage Point Real Estate emphasizes the story and history of Portage Point and with this specialized focus, we positively impact all the real estate in our Portage Point community.



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More than just a community.


Portage Point is much more than just a community, it is an historical icon with a unique way of life. While on "The Point" you'll be stepping back  to a simpler time but still have all the modern amenities you need.



Lake Michigan

Just steps away

We promise that all it will take for you to fall in love with this community is to witness one sunset over Lake Michigan. When you live on The Point, you'll only be steps away from witnessing as many sunsets as you'd like.

Portage Lake

Untouched beauty

Portage Lake has never had any major industry take root along it's shores. Because of this isolation, our lake is one of the cleanest and deepest lakes in the entire State; perfect for boating, swimming, fishing, or just looking.


The Portage Point Resort

marina, bar, & RESTAURANT

The historic Portage Point Resort will be right down the street when you live on The Point. This landmark resort is currently undergoing major renovations but will offer the local community a full service marina, restaurant, bar, and fitness center.

Rich History

generational community

When you come to live on The Point, you will be joining a welcoming and robust community. There is a reason that most of the families that live in the area have been here for generations - it is a community that once you join, you'll never want to leave.

Location is everything.


Real estate on "The Point" is some of the most sought-after property along the Lake Michigan coastline. On The Point the beauty of both Lake Michigan and Portage Lake will be just steps away from your front door.